When it comes to the longevity of your foundations, proper drainage is vital for its long life. When drainage is not adequate, it can lead to foundation floor cracks and other more severe damage. You also may run into the problem of mold from moisture becoming trapped in your foundations. Either way, none of these are fun and only lead to more headaches. This can be a big problem, especially when dealing with crawl space foundations as if they are not properly drained, can lead to so many different issues. Let us handle your drainage problems and find out what is causing the problems for your foundations today.

Drainage Issues Causes

Several factors can lead to inappropriate drainage on your foundations. Sometimes this can be clogging due to leaves and other debris, or drainage from garden beds. Even the construction of your foundations may not have considered the drainage. As well, the soil is an essential factor when understanding the drainage needs of your foundations.


Foundations need to have adequate drainage to function well. Sometimes debris may get in the way of this drainage and cause water to pool up. This down the road can lead to foundation floor cracks and wall cracks. When not dealt with can severely compromise the structural integrity of your building.

Garden Beds

Another cause that we see happen is when garden beds drain into your foundations. This is something you should never do, and garden beds should always drain away from your home and business. Sure, it may not be as beautiful since it is not hidden, but the structural integrity of your home is worth the slight hassle.


When your foundations are constructed, how the drainage will occur must be taken into consideration. If it is not, then you will also have issues of water pooling up and cause the same issues of cracking floors and walls of your foundations.


The final possible issue is your soil. Before a foundation can be constructed, regardless of the type, your land should be inspected. This is, so the contractors know what the requirements are of having proper drainage and solidarity in your foundations. If this vital step is skipped, it can lead to many issues of your house developing settling problems or cracks in walls and floors.

Handling Drainage Repair

For some issues like with clogs or the garden beds that is a simple fix. The drainage area needs to be cleaned for the clogs, and the gardens beds should have their drainage system moved away from your foundations. The other issues can be more work, but you are in luck because we are the foundation repair specialist that can help you here. Depending on the type of foundation we are dealing with will educate on what we need to do to fix the issues.
No matter what type of drainage issues you are dealing with when it comes to your foundations. Those of us at Frisco Foundation Repair is here to make sure that your drainage for your foundations is doing as they should, removing water from your foundations.