Before any work can be done, an inspection of the area must be conducted. This will inform our crew what work must be completed, what methods to employ, and what materials will be needed. The inspection will also allow us to give you an estimate of the cost. However, there is no obligation when it comes to our estimates. You always get with Frisco Foundation Repair a free foundation inspection estimate no matter the size of the job. Even if you decide not to use our services, our estimations remain free and are at no obligation to you at all. We just want you to be secure in what is necessary to have completed, and we never want to give you more than you must have done.

No Surprises

What it says on our estimation is what you get in the work we will do. Our inspectors are professional experts in what they do so they will know every detail of the required work must be completed. Our foremen know the various foundation repairs procedures like the back of their hand, so we always outline in perfect detail what is needed. Never will anything take us by surprise of the work to be done. What is on our estimation is what you need. You never have to worry about new fees or additional extra work that must be done because we did not see it. What we say we will do is all you need for your foundation repairs need.

Serious Work

We take your foundations seriously. When you need repairs, we make sure that in our estimation, you understand what work in necessary and what is not. This way if you do go with another company you still have our evaluation to help guide you in the required work. We understand that your home or building is at stake, and you need to be sure that you are going with a company that takes these repairs with absolute seriousness. When you hire Frisco Foundations Repair, that is the specific company you are getting.

Thorough Inspections

We take all the necessary procedures and steps to ensure that we understand completely what repairs your foundation requires. We also make sure that you have a detailed outline or the foundation repairs costs, so you know what you are getting into. Again, nothing on our estimation is extra, and while there may be some extra precautions, we can take you will be well educated on those extra steps and in the end your decision whether you want these additional procedures. Our inspectors will even walk you through the estimate and show you how it corresponds to the damage on your foundations. We want you to be in the clear and so we will always make sure to show you every detail if you want to know what work you are getting.

It does not matter the size of the job, residential or commercial, slab foundations, or crawl space foundations. If you require foundation repairs, then we are here to help you today. Call or email us today to get a free estimation. Find more info about us.