Often, your foundation problems can be due to settling problems and not any direct fault of the foundations themselves. When this is the case, the best option is for house leveling. House leveling is the process in which a home is lifted up back to its original state as best as can be done, as there are limits based on the construction and how far things have turned. House leveling is also usually done in tangent with foundation repairs as sometimes the settling problems can cause your foundations to become damaged and cracked. The cause of how this house has developed settling problems are various, and they require expert knowledge to be done right and safely.

Settling Problems

A home can have settling problems in one or several areas of the building. This is often due to structural issues. House leveling will correct the settling problems in your home; however, whatever has caused the problems need to be addressed likewise as the settling problems will only continue.

Soil Problems

Another culprit in the settling problems of a home is with the soil. When soil is dry, it begins to shift and becomes weaker. Also, the back and forth between wet and dry will over time cause the ground to move. Likewise, trees are another issue when it comes to settling problems as the roots can displace the earth, and they also contribute to the drying of the soil. A tree’s roots can absorb somewhere up to 100 gallons of water a day. If you notice stair-shaped cracks in your foundation, this is often a sign of soil shifting under your foundations.

Leaks And Drainage

Another culprit in the damaging of your foundations are leaks from plumbing. This can become compounded into a colossal mess when you are also dealing with drainage problems in conjunction. We go over more about this topic in our Drainage Repairs page. So please have a look if you want to find out more.

House Leveling, Slab And Crawl Space Foundations

With a slab foundation, there are several options at our disposal to handle the settling problems. This is done by excavating the exterior of your home and then adding some support. They can be anything from pilings, piers, or block and base additions. The piers themselves also come with a wide variety of options depending on the settling causes and what is best for your specific situation. Another option for slab foundation repairs is using a chemical substance to fill in the gaps that have developed due to the foundation becoming uneven.

When it comes to crawl space foundations, a different approach must be taken. Pilings can still be used, but the other more common method is by using rods and braces to reinforce your crawl space foundation again. This will help support stations and deal with problems of sagging floors. Also, a chemical can be used to stabilize the soil under your foundation.

No matter what kind of foundation you may have when you need someone to fix foundation problems in your home that are causing settling problems, we are here for you. We offer free estimate on foundation service.