Pier and beam foundations have been used in homes for many years. They still can be as durable and efficient as with many more modern concrete slab-based foundations with their own added advantages. A pier and beam foundation can allow for larger crawl space in your foundation, which in turns makes getting under your home for plumbing and electrical work easier. It can even allow for central heating to be installed. As well, a pier and beam foundation keeps your home off the ground, which can also be useful in keeping your floors away from water. Regardless of the reason, you have a pier and beam foundation, and we are the foundation repair specialist that can help you whenever it may be giving your trouble.

Pier And Beam Foundation Problems

Many things can cause problems to your pier and beam foundations. Some are easily preventable, but others just may happen over time. Those being the underlying soil, inappropriate construction, or improper drainage.

The Soil

The underlying soil can be an issue when dealing with seasonal moisture. If you also have a soil bed with high amounts of clay, then that can become very problematic as they can absorb higher amounts of moisture. This heavy soak can then affect your piers and cause house leveling issues.

The Construction

Many times, homes were made with cedar piers. While the reasoning is sound as cedar is rot resistant. It has a lower surface area for the foot as when compared to concrete footings. The other issue is that while cedar is rot resistant, it is only resistant and rotting at the soil underneath will eventually occur.

The Drainage

When water is not being adequately drained, then you may have many issues arise. First, it can affect the soil, which will lead to the previous problems. Also, water can prevent proper ventilation of the basement or crawl space foundation which will hinder the drying of your under space.

Fixing The Pier And Beam Issues

There are several ways to approach this one being the adding of new piers under the foundational beams. This will reduce the stress of the preexisting piers spreading it into more areas. When there is less load on each pier, they can withstand the pressures for more extended periods.
Another more permanent solution is the use of sonotubes or concrete columns. Sonotubes are concrete forms that are inserting in the sloping or cracking foundation to shore it up. When the concrete is added and cured, it creates a more permanent fix to your foundation problems. This is often recommended when severe damage has occurred to your pier and beam foundation.
No matter the issue you face at hand, when it comes to your pier and beam foundations, we are here to make sure that your foundation is solid as ever. We are the foundation repair specialist, and we want to make sure that your foundations are always safe for you daily use no matter what that may be. Please let us know if we can be of service on your pier and beam foundations today.